Hi there and welcome to my online store.

Well, I am Becs and I started making wax melts and candles for myself and my friends. 

It all got a bit busy all of a sudden (which was brilliant) and I found myself being asked to make some for friends of friends and then friends of their friends and that when 'SMANDLE' was born. 

I have continued to hand make and hand pour all melts and candles right here in the UK, and now I ship them all over the UK. I use the exact same method as I did in the early days and I am totally 100% committed to make sure I stay just like that.

Sometimes a perfume, a room fragrance or even a washing fabric softener makes me think 'wow', so I try to recreate it in a wax melt or a scented candle!! It normally takes me many attempts but I always get there in the end. I then test everything is right. I use them in my own house and only once I am happy will I make either melts or candles to sell. I only use reputable suppliers and they all have to be from the UK.

I hope you place an order and enjoy the 'smandle' products I make. If you have any questions then please message me using the contact me form on the site.